Benefits of visiting CAN Infotech

The Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was established in May 1992 but wasn’t officially registered until December 1992. With the help of experts, institutions, and related organizations from Nepal’s information and communication technology sector. CAN was subsequently registered as the Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN Federation) in January 2015. It is an umbrella organization whose members include both associations and individuals active in the ICT industry. The ICT sector that CAN Federation works in is independent, nonpartisan, nonpolitical, nonprofitable, and service-oriented.

It serves as a venue for business, marketing, exhibitions, and the dissemination of information. Knowledge sharing is the festival’s basic guiding principle. The CAN Infotech is attended by thousands of people every year. The goal of CAN Info-Tech is to serve as a platform for the most cutting-edge technology exhibits to raise awareness of IT applications and order to raise awareness of IT applications and to market the Nepali IT industry globally. And it has done so successfully from its start.

CAN was founded to advance Nepal’s ICT industry and create e-Nepal. It is assisting the government in realizing the goal of e-Nepal by organizing various programs and activities. It includes CAN infotech. In addition to CAN Infotech, CAN also hosts CAN Softech, CAN Commtech, and CAN ICT as regular events.

Benefits of visiting CAN Infotech

CAN start organizing technical exhibitions and fairs in the early 90s. It was the only such exhibition in Nepal until the last decade. It is the only place where people can go to see the latest developments in technology. It was a very useful activity until the internet became available to everyone and new information about technology started to be available online. This is not the only reason why CAN InfoTech is so popular. The benefits of CAN InfoTech started to erode when it became a marketplace for USB drives, printers, antivirus, UPS, inverter, etc. sellers.

CAN Infotech

Currently, there seems to be a huge gap between the CAN Federation and the technology start-ups and developers in Nepal. Allowing new startups to exhibit at CAN InfoTech at a discounted or free rate will make the event worth visiting. At the same time, it will help these new startups reach a larger audience and gain profits. Can InfoTech is probably the biggest exhibition in Nepal where they get around 5-10 lakh visitors in just 6 days.

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