Bullfighting in Nuwakot District

Bullfighting festival during Maghe Sankranti in Nepal

Do you know about the Bullfighting festival during Maghe Sankranti in Nepal takes place in the Nuwakot district in mid-January?

Nepal is loaded with miracles, and this nation never stops to amaze its guests. When you visit Nepal, you can’t be frustrated with surprises in your creative mind. Thus, it will be ideal if you keep a couple of days extra in your timetable while visiting Nepal.

You can visit Nepal with your family or companions or without anyone else for spending occasions as there are a few exercises you can do. Tourists love coming to Nepal for travelling, hiking or some other adventures like paragliding, zip line, bungee jumping, and skydiving. Nepal will be an ideal spot for the investigation of old culture, heritage, arts, and landmarks. A few landmarks have been recorded on world heritage sites. Likewise, you are into finding out about the custom, culture, and customs of various religious and ethnic gatherings. At that point, Nepal actually will not dissatisfy you. Home to 36 unique ethnic gatherings, Nepal has diversified culture, custom, way of life, language, and dress (ethnic gatherings has their traditional dress).

One more surprising thing about Nepal is that there are more than 55 unique celebrations celebrated in Nepal. Some of them last only for a day, while some are 10-day celebrations. Some are committed to our family, while some are devoted to creatures like a dog, some celebrate the success of good over evil, while some praise companionship and connection. In the considerable rundown of such celebrations, the Bullfighting festival during Maghe Sankranti in Nepalis one fascinating and late celebration that has been acquiring much recognition.

Bull fighting festival during Maghe sankranti in Nepal

About Bullfighting in Nepal

The bullfighting festival during Maghe Sankranti in Nepal happens in the Nuwakot district. It is wondered that the celebration was begun by a neighbourhood king named Raja Jayprithvi Bahadur Singh in the nineteenth century. It is said that when the king visited his maternal uncle’s home in Nuwakot as a youngster, individuals coordinated the bullfighting celebration interestingly to engage him. Afterwards, individuals held the occasion as a custom. Although the town has been sorting out the celebration from that point forward, it came into the light of a new year.

The ascent to the popularity of the celebration began in 2006. Before the year 2006, this thrilling celebration of bullfighting used to happen in a few areas of Taruka town. Notwithstanding, the people of Taruka settled after praising the celebration as one headliner in one scene as a result of a couple of unfavourable effects and a few prospects that could arise from Taruka as a novel travel objective. Also, prepare to be blown away. It worked. Thus, beginning around 2006 the occasion is increasing consistently and more famous also.

Bullfighting Festival 

Consistently, on the event of Maghe Sankranti, the Taruka town of Nuwakot coordinates Bullfight (Bull battle). It is likewise accepted that individuals kicking the bucket this day will straightforwardly go to paradise without misery and get a resurrection.

The bullfight is one of the significant attractions of the farming and crafted works show that is being held to check the celebration. The celebration is coordinated by the Way of life Conservation and The travel industry Advancement Center Dhuwankot fully supported by Neelkanth District.

As indicated by the coordinators, the bulls have been isolated into four gatherings because of their age, size, and strength. There are three bulls in the principal bunch, six in the second, and four each in the third and fourth gatherings.

The champ of the primary gathering will be granted Rs 12,000, the second gathering victor will get Rs 10,000, the third gathering victor will get Rs 8,000 and the fourth gathering will get an award of Rs 4,000.

The bullfight setting is a good ways off of 12 kilometres from Bhangeri Dhadingbensi in Neelkanth Region 14. The practice of connecting with bulls in Maghe Sankranti is tracked down in Dhading, Nuwakot, and Rasuwa regions.

The custom of the bullfight is accepted to have begun when then, at that point, Ruler Jai Prithvi Bahadur Singh of Bajhang came to his maternal home in Taruka.

Maghe Sankranti celebration is commended all around the country with incredible significance. The significance of this day is additionally depicted in Hindu sagas like Mahabharata. On this day individuals love the Sun god, viewed as the image of eternality and intelligence. This celebration holds enormous strict and verifiable importance in Nepal.


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