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Nepal-A Landlocked Country

Nepal-A Landlocked Country,  formerly the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal,  is a landlocked country located between two big countries between India to the east, west, and south, and China to the north. The complete area of Nepal is 147,181 km². Based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the current population of Nepal is 30,264,620 as of Monday, August 29, 2022.
Nepal can be divided broadly into three ecological zones: the highland, the midland, and the lowland. The altitude of the Himalayan region (the highlands) ranges from 4877 m – 8848 m. It includes 8 of the highest 14 peaks in the world that are more than heights of 8000 meters, including Mount Everest.
The Lower Himalayan (the midland) region accounts for about 64 percent of the total land area, which is formed by the Mahabharat range that rises to 4877 m and the lower Churia range (Sivalik Hills).
The lowland Terai (the lowland), the flat river plain of the Ganges with a belt of muddy grasslands, mixed woodland-grassland ecosystem, and forests, occupies about 17 percent of the country’s total land area.

Flag of Nepal

Nepal-A Country Profile
The national flag of Nepal is the world’s only non-quadrilateral flag that acts as both the state flag and civil flag of a sovereign country. The flag is a clear combination of two single pennons (or pennants), known as a double pennon. It includes two colours: crimson red (inside the flag, the symbol of bravery and it also represents the colour of the rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower) and blue (The border of the flag represents the colour of peace). Until 1962, the flag’s images, both the sun and the crescent moon, had human faces, yet they were eliminated to modernize the flag.

The current flag was taken on 16 December 1962, alongside the development of another established government. Shankar Nath Rimal, a structural specialist, normalized the banner on the solicitation of King Mahendra. It gets from the first, conventional design, used all through the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds years, and is a blend of the two individual pennons utilized by rival parts of the decision tradition.

Climate of Nepal

Nepal-A Landlocked Country has five seasons i.e. spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. The climate in Nepal is almost moderate but varies from subtropical in the lowlands to a cold high-altitude climate in the mountains. It cannot be denied that the climate of Nepal is simply perfect.

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