Shankhadar Sakhwa

Nhudaya Bhintuna

On this day, the Newar community living anywhere inside and outside the Nepal Valley celebrate the first day of the New Year, i.e., “Nhudaya Bhintuna” (Exchanging New Year’s Wishes) according to Nepal Sambat. Also, Mha-puja is celebrate which has enlarged as a collective and hereditary common culture, with joy according to their specific traditional customs.

Nhudaya Bhintuna

Mha-puja usually falls on the 4th day of Tihar, or sometimes even coincides with the 5th day, the day of Bhai Tika. Nepal sambat is celebrated especially by the Newar community whom they believes that this sambat is the original sambat of Nepal. For Newars, this day marks the beginning of a new dawn. The new dawn of all Newars is hoped to bring luck, prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Nhu Barsa


Nepal Sambat is the Sambat run by Rastriya Bibhuti Shankhadhar Sakhwa, who has freed the people of the country from debt. On this occasion, a Bhintuna rally called ‘Nhudaya Bhinthuna’ is held all over the country and even abroad. The whole of Nepal is based on the lunar cycle or year. The first day of Nepal Sambat falls on the day of Kartik Shukla Paksha of Bikram Sambat. From the time of King Raghava Dev of Bhaktapur to the time of Chandra Shamsher, there is a history of Nepal Sambat being practiced in government offices.

A year of 12 ounces is measured in this sambat, the measurement from one ounce to the next ounce is considered as a month and a year of 354 days falls in this Sambat. According to Nepal Sambat, the months are respectively called कछला, थिंला, पोंहेला, सिल्ला, चिल्ला, च्वला, बँछला, तँछला, देल्ला, गुँला, ञला र कौला . Officially, this sambat, which is being used more and more, has been officially recognized by the Nepal government. In the Newari community, this sambat is widely used and measured.

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